About Us

The Peterborough Greenspace Coalition is an all-volunteer group made up of organizations and individuals devoted to the improvement, promotion and protection of greenspaces in the City of Peterborough, Ontario.

The Coalition is made up of the following organizations

as well as many individuals concerned about our greenspaces.

The Peterborough Greenspace Coalition’s mission

is to protect the integrity of our urban greenspaces through promoting development that serves the needs of the community. We are an all-volunteer group who works through community networking, advocacy and targeted campaigns to support the growth of a vibrant and sustainable city where business and the environment thrive to mutual benefit. As members of this community we share in the common interest of sound economic development planning that safeguards Peterborough’s urban greenspaces.

We Believe:

  • Urban planning in Peterborough needs to serve the needs of the community and provide diverse opportunities for the people who live here.
  • The economic stability of any city depends on the success and prosperity of all its citizens. Consequently, effective development must provide support and opportunities for the most vulnerable groups in order that they can achieve economic autonomy.
  • Municipal officials must regard the public voice as the guidance for their actions. They are responsible to act in the favour and best interest of their constituents.
  • Our municipal government needs to embrace sustainability and set an example for the community.
  • Growth does not define development- the quality of life in our communities must not be sacrificed in the development of our city.
  • Sustainability does not preclude development- either urban or economic.
  • Citizens should be able to live in a neighbourhood where they can shop and work. A community includes places to meet and conduct commerce without the need to drive.
    Natural spaces in Peterborough afford all residents with clean air, fresh water and the equal opportunity to experience a sense of well-being through a connection with the natural environment.

We carry out our work through advocacy, networking and targeted campaigns.