Change Starts With a New Vision

Meetings for those interested in a new community vision

The Peterborough Greenspace Coalition (PGC) is hosting two meetings in January: the first meeting, on January 22nd, is for anyone who is thinking of running for city council who would like to be endorsed by PGC, or perhaps by other Community Groups that are being invited to the meeting. Here you will be able to talk about your reasons for running and the kind of vision you have for Peterborough. Some groups may have questionnaires for you to take home and submit on your viewpoints so they can determine if they want to endorse your as a candidate in your chosen ward.

We will also have information and discussion for first-time candidates around how to run a campaign. We will discuss setting up training workshops for those new to municipal politics on the various obligations and responsibilities of elected municipal officials. Once those areas are determined we will do our best to find people locally with knowledge and skills in those areas to present them in workshops.

If you are interested in running for council, send us an e-mail so we can contact you with further information.

Envisioning a Sustainable Peterborough

The second meeting will be held January 29th, 7:00-9:30 at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 120 Murray Street. This meeting will start by examining what a sustainable vision for Peterborough might look like. The majority of the meeting, however, will be given over to introducing the candidates from the first meeting, then breaking out into ward groups so they can present their platforms to members of their ward and sign up volunteers to work on their campaigns.

We hope to see many of you there!